Monday, July 31, 2006

learn to swim

america is sick, she is dying, and her people are sleeping.

we the people are sick too, gorging ourselves on the fat of the land, smoking oil dipped cigars, riding on the backs of migrant workers, marching towards televised armageddon. our prisons are overfull with drug users, yet we shove false cures down the throats of children, pump our livestock full of toxins, and eat erection pills to fake it. then we drink to forget. our rivers and skies are full of poisonous metals that melt our brains. and we call this progress. the poor live as slaves, owned by their landlords and employers. working for the privelage of enriching their masters. our soldiers are as mercenaries, dying on geological gambles. and our press is propaganda, because it sells the most ads. we feign piety so that we can rape, murder and pillage in god's name. we are fat, ugly, and stupid. but we are god's only children.

we deserve everything that's coming.


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